How Can You Save Costs On Corrugated Boxes?

How Can You Save Costs On Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world. They are made of corrugated cardboard, which consists of one or more layers of fluted paper sandwiched between flat sheets of paper. Corrugated boxes are durable, lightweight, recyclable, and customizable for different products and purposes.

However, corrugated boxes can also be expensive, especially if you need a large quantity or a specific design. Therefore, it is important to know how to save costs on corrugated boxes without compromising the quality and performance of your packaging. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks from CPack World, the leading provider of corrugated packaging solutions, on how to reduce your corrugated box costs.

Simplify your requirements
One of the easiest ways to save costs on corrugated boxes is to simplify your requirements and use the minimum amount of packaging necessary for your product. You can do this by:

Reviewing your product specifications and choosing the right size, shape, and style of box that fits snugly around your product, leaving some space for cushioning materials if needed.
Reducing the number of different box sizes and styles you use by consolidating your products into standard or common sizes.
Eliminating any unnecessary features or accessories on your box, such as handles, windows, dividers, inserts, or labels.
Minimizing the amount of printing and colors on your box, or opting for cheaper printing methods, such as flexography or digital printing1.
By simplifying your requirements, you can reduce the amount of corrugated material, labor, and waste involved in producing your boxes, as well as the shipping and storage costs.

Research available options
Another way to save costs on corrugated boxes is to research the available options in the market and compare their prices and benefits. You can do this by:

Consulting with CPack World experts who can help you find the best corrugated packaging solution for your product and budget.
Exploring different types and grades of corrugated cardboard that vary in their strength, thickness, resistance, and other factors2.
Choosing the most suitable type and grade of corrugated cardboard that meets your product’s protection and transportation needs without being overkill or underkill.
Considering alternative box designs and styles that can reduce the amount of corrugated material used or increase the efficiency and convenience of your packaging.
By researching available options, you can find the optimal balance between quality and cost for your corrugated boxes.

Optimize your box design
A third way to save costs on corrugated boxes is to optimize your box design and make it more efficient and effective. You can do this by:

Applying the principle of “deeper is cheaper”, which means that configuring your box so that it opens on the smallest dimensions and the largest dimension is the deepest can reduce the amount of corrugated material used to produce the box2.
Using standard or modular dimensions for your box that can fit into standard pallets or containers and maximize the space utilization during shipping and storage3.
Incorporating features or elements that can enhance the functionality or aesthetics of your box, such as perforations, die-cuts, handles, locks, or flaps3.
Testing and evaluating your box design for its performance and durability under various conditions, such as compression, bursting, moisture, or temperature.
By optimizing your box design, you can improve the quality and appeal of your corrugated boxes while reducing their cost.

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